Weather Proofing

  • Crack Injection is a method of sealing cracks and small deficiencies within a concrete structure.
  • Sealant application - Application of Concrete sealer to improve weather resistance. This gives resistance to the concrete from water penetration and prevents corrosion to the steel reinforcement.
  • Caulking is a method used for sealing or re-sealing flashing, windows and other components of the exterior envelope.
  • Thick system waterproofing installation – A system used for waterproofing roofs and concrete decks is to use mastic asphalt. First a vapor control layer is placed over the entire surface area of the concrete deck, followed by insulation and sheathing felt. Then the mastic asphalt is applied followed by a coating of solar reflective paint.
  • Thin system waterproofing installation – One method of waterproofing concrete slabs is using polyurethane. It is very thin and more cost effective compared to mastic asphalt.