Parking Structure Repairs

  • Parking Structure Roof Slab Waterproofing & Reconstruction
  • Hydro-demolition-  is one method of removing deteriorated concrete from a slab while still preserving the re-bar.
  • Slab Replacement-Replacement of a slab involves shoring, chipping the deteriorated concrete from the rebar, coating the rebar in epoxy, installing formwork and pouring a new concrete slab.
  • Pressure Grouting-Pressure grouting involves injecting a cement mixture into a void of space.
  • Elastomeric Traffic Deck-A Elastomeric Traffic Deck is a concrete slab composed of a mixture between concrete and Elastomer which is a polymer that is elastic and viscous in nature. It is a class of “self-healing” material that when correctly bonded will “heal” any minor cracks within the concrete in time.
  • Expansion Joints-An expansion joint is assembled to allow for movement and expansion within concrete. Everything physically expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. Though measured in seemingly small amounts, this change can add up to considerable movement in large concrete structures. If expansion joints are not installed in the correct locations, this can lead to a buildup of pressure in within the structure and cause cracks or more severe structural damage.
  • Concrete Repairs- Most minor concrete repairs involve chipping deteriorated concrete, coating any exposed re-bar then forming and bonding concrete to the chipped area.
  • Ramp Slab Heating Systems-A ramp slab heating system allows for systematic de-icing as the ramp is heated and prevents water from forming into ice.
  • Retaining walls are structural support used to contain soil and unnatural slopes in place, preventing them from shifting. As the retaining wall is continuously resisting the forces of gravity, it must be maintained regularly just like any other structural support.